Sunday, November 23, 2008

Summary of Events

This blog has been created to keep all of our family and friends updated on Prentice's progress. Words cannot express how blessed our family has been by the outpouring of love and prayers. The calls and visits and e-mails -- too many to count. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We know without a doubt that Prentice is feeling it as well.

It has all been a very surreal couple of days. Prentice had a high fever on Thursday night and by Friday morning, was having burning in his chest and feeling pretty weak. Barbara took him to the doctor where x-rays revealed pneumonia in his right lung. He decided to go ahead and admit him just to keep an eye on him. He continued to be quite uncomfortable due to chest pain.

At about 8:30 p.m. Friday night, his difficulty breathing necessitated moving him to ICU. The decision was eventually made to intubate him, more to stay ahead of the situation, as the doctor said. Around 11:00 p.m. and during the intubation process, Prentice coded, meaning his heart stopped. Mark was here with his mom and they were allowed to be nearby while the doctors worked to resuscitate him for over hour. After three seperate codes, his heart began to beat on its own, but his other organs continued to fail.

After his heart was ruled out as the culprit -- the doctor said his heart looked really good for a 50-year-old. At first, we thought we was kidding, but we think he was serious and just didn't realize that he was talking about a 70-year-old! That was the first bit of good news. It has been determined that he has septic shock, which is an infection that starts in one location -- maybe the pneumonia -- and then rapidly spreads with fierce determination through the blood to all of the organs, thus causing the shutdown of even the heart. We were given our first bit of hope with that news because there is a chance at reversal. And due to Prentice's great physical condition, those chances were even greater. Those of you who know Prentice know what a fighter he is. He was and is in for the fight of his life.

All of Prentice's children are here and have been camped out at the hospital, along with his sister Linda. They keep Barbara surrounded and taken care of. Cousins, grandchildren, sons- and daughter-in-law, friends from Nashville, friends from Dallas -- unbelievable!

Our goal is to keep this blog updated as we get information. If we know it, you will too in a short period of time. Please feel free to spread the word and pray, pray, pray!! Prentice had just given a sermon recently at Otter Creek Church here in Nashville where Mark and Shelli attend on "does prayer really work?" Believe us, it does and Prentice knows that.


Kevin said...

Years ago I experienced what the power of prayer can do. It was the night before my transplant a few members of the South National Church of Christ got together and said a prayer for the success of the transplant and all those involved in the process. Nearly 30 years have passed I still have that same kidney. Prentice was the one who guided the members of SNCC back then and I owe him. So I am going to do something I haven't done in a long time, prey. Prentice, I prey for you and I prey for your family. May God watch over you and your family.

Kevin Moore

Anonymous said...

Dear Prentice and Barbara, I'm struggling to find the words right now. This all is so unbelievable! My heart is aching that you all are going through this. I have been in prayer for you constantly and am so encouraged to hear of the progress that has been made today. Barbara, Prentice is blessed to have you by his side. I am praying that you will have peace and strength and the comfort of family and friends. Prentice - you are a fighter -- I know you can beat this! I truly look forward to the stories you will be able to tell us all when you get out of the hospital. If I could be there with you, I would. Just be assured you that your name is being carried to the Father by countless Prayer Warriors! And we will not stop! I love you both so much! Sherry Jackson

Eileen said...

Hello from Ukraine. I'm helping out for several weeks here with the Vinogradar congregation in a northern area of Kiev. One of our young brothers said a special prayer for Prentice Sunday morning. Valera's prayer and the concern was touching, given that only two of us in the group (Andrey Noyes and I) have ever had the privilege of meeting Prentice.

Had to smile at the doctor's comment, *good heart for a 50-year-old.* Easy to come to that conclusion because, for one thing, dear Barbara can't be a day over 45. =)

S BOGom, ((Go) with God)

Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara and Family--

How the mighty have fallen! I first met Prentice when you were living in Southgate, CA and then later when I spoke on a program in the 1960's at San Fernando where he was preaching. Ever since those early years, I knew him as a man of conviction and passion whom God had blessed with remarkable communication skills. My life was especially enriched by Prentice as he and Royce Money helped birth the founding Board for Missions Resource Network. I was planning to visit him during a trip to Nashville in two weeks. I know countless others across the nation and from such distant places as Rostov-on-Don, Athens and Sterling, Scotland are grieving with you at his passing, as am I.

My prayer for you is that the Lord of all comfort will enfold you in His mighty arms and hold you close, that He will strengthen you even in your grief.

Bob Waldron

Mike and Kathy Scott said...

Dear Barbara and Family,

Words on a blog seem so shallow at a time like this. I can hardly think through this grief. It is truly impossible to measure the full impact that Prentice has had on the life of thousands of souls. The good he accomplished in God’s Kingdom will last for eternity and I suppose that at a time like this it does give us some measure of comfort. But we will all miss him dearly. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing him with all of us for so many years.

Mike & Kathy Scott

Prescott, Arizona

Anonymous said...

Prentice has touched so many lives and hearts during his lifetime. I think of the verse
in philippians "to live is for
Christ and to die is gain" He
showed me what it means by to
live for Christ. His contribution
to the christian community is tremendous and has had a positive affect on so many people. My family will keep your family in our prayers.

Vince Cavanaugh
Ft collins, Colorado

Dino and Debbie Roussos said...

Prentice is gone from this earthy life but he lives on in our thoughts, in our minds, and he will always be a HERO of faith.

Debbie and I will always cherish his friendship, love, care and unspeakable determination to take the gospel to the nations.

For the last twenty seven years we have been very close to Prentice and Barbara.

I had the privilege of preaching the gospel of Christ with Prentice in Russia, Albania, Greece and United States.

Prentice was always ready to help us, to encourage us, to love us and to show us how to reach out to those in need.
We will never forget his humor, his company, his love for Greece and the Greek civilization.

Last July we had the privilege of spending 2 days in Nashville visiting with Prentice and Barbara. He gave us a tour of Lipscomb University and took us to the neighborhood where he was raised. We had such a good time together!

He has influenced our lives for good. We know that we are servants of Jesus because Prentice taught us with his lessons and example, of how to serve, to love, and to minister to those in need.

Last Sunday I was preaching at a new congregation on the island of Crete but my thoughts and prayers were with Prentice while he was in Hospital.

Barbara we love you and think of you, may we all follow in the steps of this faithful servant of Jesus.

Prentice, one day, we will meet again.

Dino & Debbie Roussos
Athens, Greece

cimi, Albania said...

I heard Prentice in 1995 when he came to Tirana, Allbania to preach the gospel of Jesus. I was just a new baby in Christ on that time. I have been transformed by his teachings over the internet while he preached at Prestoncrest.He influenced me greatly in the way I preach now. Prentice was a great godly man with great passion for Jesus. He finished the race well and entered to God's glory according to the promises of God.

Arivola said...

Hello from Madagascar.
God will never leave you nor forsake you.