Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 23, Sunday, 6:00 p.m.

It's amazing how small, baby steps seem like leaps and bounds. Today has been a very encouraging day in many respects. Prentice is now responding to his family's voices and also to simple commands -- squeeze my hand, move your toes, etc. As of right now, he especially knows and wants Barbara near. The doctor has explained to him what has happened, so he's now aware, we believe, of why he is where he is. His oxygen levels continue to improve and our hope is that he's able to be extubated tomorrow. This will be a relief to him because it's really beginning to annoy him -- also good. He continues to run a high fever.

Here is what we're asking you to pray: Positive results from the drug, Lasix, given to him an hour ago to improve his kidney function. Continued lung improvement so he can be extubated tomorrow. Relief from fever and blood pressure up. Deep rest for him and Barbara tonight. More baby steps!

Also, for those of you following our sweet Palmer, she has her second hip procedure (core decompression) at 6:00 a.m. Monday morning at Vanderbilt Childen's, just a few blocks from where Prentice is. Please pray for the procedure to be successful, reversing the necrosis in her hip joint. Her web address is

God is faithful and in Him, we trust completely!


Kathryn Roberson said...

We are on our knees and so hopeful for continued healing. We are here for anything you need. Call us!

Amy Westerman said...

We are praying for you around the clock, Prentice! :) Come back to Otter soon! We need you!

Alice said...

Thank you for letting us know! We want to pray with you! I am so grateful for Prentice's messages, and that my kids are getting to hear him preach. I know there are alot more sermons in him!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Alice and the Griffiths

Jerry Collins said...

I'm in my fifteen minutes of promised prayer for my old friend Prentice. You invite me into your presence as the sinner that I am, but clothed with the righteousness of my brother and savior Christ. I ask you, therefore, as a friend, heal my friend Prentice.

Murray Sanderson said...

The 72 hour Prayer Vigil is underway! God is awesome! NOTHING is impossible with God. Thank you Meador family for letting us hold up your arms right now, as you openly share what's going on with Prentice. We love all of you and will rejoice with every baby step. Sooooooo many people are praying, around the clock, starting at 9 pm Sunday evening, for the next 3 days straight. May God be praised and receive all glory as Prentice is healed!

Family Institute of Latin America said...

Prentice and Barbara, You are in our thoughts and prayers all the time right now. We praise God for the progress so far and honor Him for his mercy. May He heal you with power and Palmer as well. May His mercy be a witness in you to all in the hospital there. Thanks to whoever started this blog so that we could keep up with the news. Jerry and Gail Heiderich in Brasil

Anonymous said...

Prentice was a great inspiration to me while he was on the ACU board of trustees. He is invaluable to the Kingdom here on earth. Prentice has always put himself in God's hands, but it is grand to know that this time, everyone who knows him is putting him in God's hands with all their might. I will remain in prayer for all of you!

I have also been privileged to pray for his granddaughter and hope that all goes well with her surgery. You are a strong family and you will not let Satan crater your faith even during this intensely stressful time.

Sharron Drury