Monday, November 24, 2008

November 24, Monday, 5:30 a.m.

At about 4:00 a.m., Prentice coded again.  His nurse was standing right next to him and was able to immediately give mouth-to-mouth and get his heartbeat back without having the use the paddles.  What does this mean?  It's a definite setback.  The doctor believes it's one of two things:  a blood clot in his lung, which we don't know yet how they would proceed with that, or too much fluid due to lack of kidney function.  This could be corrected by dialysis.  They have drawn labs and should have those results in the next few minutes to help them know how to proceed.

What to pray:  Quick and clear diagnosis and treatment, peace and healing for Prentice, and especially peace for Barbara.  This episode, after her hopes had been so high that she was finally starting to relax, has really affected her.  Also, please pray for their daughter, Lori Ann, as she's torn right now.  Her daughter, Palmer, is due at the hospital in 15 minutes for her hip procedure.  We know without a doubt that Prentice would want -- okay, demand! -- that Palmer's care comes first.  Lori Ann knows that, but not being next to her dad right now is extremely difficult.

Will post as soon as we know more.  

Knowing and trusting that the Lord is always faithful,
The Meador Family 


The Pinegars said...

Here is a prayer for Prentice and Barbara from our knees:

Lord, at this very hour we come to you in behalf of Prentice. Heal him, strengthen him and give the care-givers wisdom and skill above their own understanding. May your Holy Spirit reach down and touch Prentice with Power from above and touch everyone else in his room with your presence. Lord, he has been at Heaven's gate during this sickness. Send him back that he continue to minister with his special power to communicate God's Word. We know Satan is attacking. We beg for your defeat of Satan's battle for the life of your servant Prentice.

Be with Barbara in a special way today. Give her strength, confidence, faith during this difficult hour. May her friends surround her. For friend who are not physically present, may she feel their spiritual presence with their arms around her.

Lord, be with Palmer today at this very hour and may her surgery be a great success. Continue to care for this miracle of a young lady.

Be with Bob Chisholm as he travels today to encourage Prentice and Barbara.

Jesus, all power have been given to you. Please use some of that power right now for this family.

Love, Jim and Judy Pinegar

Alice said...

Agreeing with that prayer, through tears.

Surround us, Lord!

Rene said...

I am in prayer for Prentice and Palmer this morning. I pray that God will guide the doctors hands as they operate on Palmer. I pray that God will give the doctors the wisdom to know how to treat Prentice and bring him back to good health. I pray that God send angels to comfort all the family that is gathered at two different hospitals this morning. May God give you all a peace that surpasses all of our understanding. Your family is being covered in prayer this morning!

Jim Martin said...

Barbara and Mark/Shelli,

I prayed for Prentice last evening and have continued to pray for him this morning. I pray for God's mighty intervention and healing on his behalf.

I also pray for all of you that God's presence might be a comfort during such a difficult time.

Karen said...

When I woke this morning, I was thanking God for His great kindness in answering our prayers.
I will continue to thank him, even through this setback.

The entire weekend, I have read Hezekiah's prayer for his life to be spared...and God said he had heard his prayer and would heal him.

This all seems so very sureal to be this far away from you, but surely God hears our pleas and sees our tears ~ and surely He is in control.

Please know every thought is for you ~ Barbara, Mark, Lori Ann, Kimberly, Linda...

We love you all so very much ~ we love and need Prentice to get well.

We hold you in our hearts.

Karen Zadina

Anonymous said...

Meador Family,
We continue to lift Prentice and his entire family up in prayer and supplication that God will heal his faithful servant completely and restore him to his health and his family.
We are comforted in knowing that God loves Prentice and he is in the hands of the Great Physician.
Giddens family