Monday, November 24, 2008

November 24, Monday, 1:00 p.m.

Prentice is still on dialysis and is a little less responsive today.  His fever is down.  There is no detectable pulse in his feet -- the blood is going to the organs that need it the most.

Please pray for his blood pressure to go up on its own without more medication and increased response to everything.  Also for the effects of the dialysis to kick in.

Thanksgiving for Palmer who made it through her procedure and is home recuperating.  Please pray for her pain to be managed over the next couple of days and strength for her mom and dad especially, who are trying to divide their time and resources.  They are truly amazing people!

God has given us all more strength emotionally, spiritually, and physically that we could have ever imagined.  Please pray for this to hold up as we are especially growing weary physically and yet, no one wants to leave his side, especially Barbara.  She continues to remain strong and calm and we know this is only from Him.

Although we can't respond to everyone, please know that every post, e-mail, text message, and phone message has been read or listened to.  We are blessed!!


Anonymous said...

"For there stood by me this night the angel of God -Act 27:23

Like Paul, may the Meador family know the comfort of having Jesus, the angel of the covenant... the angel of God, standing by them through this night of storm when other anchors do not hold.
The Lord is my Helper, I will not be afraid - Hebrews 13:3

W Harold Bigham said...

Barbara et al.,

Please know that we are praying for you. God is good--all the time!

Harold & Carol Ann Bigham

Carissa said...

Prentice has been such a spiritual force in my life. As a little girl in Springfield and then again as a young adult in Dallas. He has a powerful, powerful spirit and a force to be reckoned with. Our family is praying for your entire family to come through this time with that same force and spirit. We love you. Robert and Carissa Figgins

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Prentice and family. Debra and I received word of Prentice's condition while Debra was still in the hospital recovering from her surgery. We lifted Prentice up in prayer right away. We know how important the prayers have been for Debra and her recovery and we want you to know we are think and praying of your.

Lance and Debra Atchison

Marty Dodson said...

Praying for you now. Love you all.

Sheryl Wilson said...

We too are praying fervently for Prentice's healing and strength and peace for the family.

Phil and Sheryl Wilson

Lisa Renee said...

My name is Lisa Phillips, I attended Prestoncrest for five years and worked there for the last year in the office (
I was Will Herring's assistant at the time). We are now in Lubbock and got an e-mail about Prentice. Please know that there are several out here in West Texas who are praying for him.
This man has an incredible gift of speaking and I have always been amazed at how The Lord has spoken to me through him. How wonderful to have such an incredible family there with him and extended family throughout the nation to lift him up in prayer. God Bless~

Anonymous said...

Barbara and family, you have been in my prayers continually since I learned of Prentice's illness. Barbara, you snd Prentice influenced my life greatly while at Prestoncrest and I feel truly blessed by you. I continue to pray for Palmer and of course for Lori Ann, Scot and Palmer's siblings. I now also pray for Mark and Kimberly and their families as well as Linda. May the Lord give you strengh and peace to go through the days ahead.
With much love,
Norma Galbraith

Jill Marshall said...

Prentice, Barbara, Mark, Shelli and all of the family,
We are praying for all of you often! We love you and pray that not only will there be healing but also comfort, peace and hope. You guys are being prayed for by the congregation at Greenville Oaks in Allen and the Turnpike Church in Grand Prairie, TX as well! You're surrounded! Not only by our prayers but also by the arms of our Father in Heaven.

Much love, The Marshall Family. Kevin, Jill, Maggie, Hanna and Riley.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for peace,comfort and recovery for Prentice.

We ask for special skills for the doctors and the nursing staff at the hospsital who are giving care.

For Barbara and all of the family members we are praying for strength to accept, endure and the ability to continue to provide the needed support.

We care and God bless!
Dick and Joyce Brackett

Anonymous said...

Almight God and Creator of all, please place your healing hand on this your mighty servant. Restore his health and calm the anxious hearts of his family and all who love, appreciate and admire this good man. Give him more days of encouragement and service in the Kingdom. Hear our hearts and may it be YOUR will to bring healing. In the powerful name of Jesus.

Anonymous said...


We are praying for both you and Prentice several times a day. Feel the Lord's strength, and know that He is in control.

The Wise's

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Prentice and Barbara and the whole family. God is good and we know this is in His hands. We pray that Prentice will be restored to his great health and that he can continue working with many great kids for future work. God Bless you all and we are here for you.

Russ and Teresa Renfro
Dallas Texas

Alice said...

Still standing with you in prayer...

The Griffiths

David and Jeanne Wray said...

May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He lift his countenance upon you and give you Peace. May He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.
David and Jeanne Wray

Brandon Scott said...

We are lifting you guys up...constantly. Praise God for Palmer!

Anonymous said...

Prentice and Barbara,

I have been lifting you before the Father. May you feel his love and strength as he covers you with his wings! There are so many that wish to be there near you and your family! Please know our love and concern.

Ann Mitchell

Anonymous said...

As I watch the counter continue to go up at the end of this blog, I am reminded of how many people love you and are carrying you to the Father in prayer. I hope that you will be comforted in that knowledge, and that you are feeling God's arms around you holding you close. We are in constant prayer! Love, Pat and Sherry Jackson

Anonymous said...

Dear Meador Family,

John & I are in constant prayer for healing for Prentice and strength and comfort for Barbara and the rest of your family. Prentice's sermon series at Otter Creek has been such a blessing for us. I pray that you continue to be surrounded by ministering angels.

Lynn Mott

Karen Z said...

I was remembering today ~ a few years ago, every time one of our girls would get in the car to drive back to college, I would pray that God would place one angel on the front right headlight, one on the left, and two at the back of their car to carry them safely back to school...

Today, I have prayed that the Lord will place angels at your bed ~ two at your head and two at your feet ~ to hold you safely as God does what He does best.... through faith, I pray for healing for our dear Prentice.

I love you all so very much.

Karen and Bob Zadina

Brad & Leslie Jackson said...

No doubt you're still being showered with the well wishes of so many of us who know and love all the Meador family! While we can't begin to compare our emotions to what you all are experiencing, we wanted to pen something now after the first few waves of messages reaching you from those at Prestoncrest. Our hearts are overflowing with a deep sense of concern and hurt at the risks Prentice is facing. Both Prentice and Barbara are constantly in our thoughts and we're offering up prayers for both of them continually. The Lord is good and his mercy endureth forever!

Our love,

Brad and Leslie Jackson

Karen said...

Barbara, Lori Ann, Scott, Mark, Shelli, Doug and Kimberly, Linda, and all the family,

Kregg and I wanted you to know that you are close in thought and prayer continually. May the amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit, be with all of you. 2 Cor. 13:14

Much love,
Kregg and Karen Hood

Shannon Wilburn (Tulsa, OK) said...

We found out today that Prentice was in the hospital and are so thankful that you are posting on a blog so that we can all keep up with his healing process.
We are praying for Doug and Kimberly and the entire Meadors family. We pray, like Kimberly says "4 God's will to be done".
We love you all and will be lifting your names up to our precious Father!

Shannon and Mitch Wilburn
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sarah Tew,SC said...

I have been following Palmer's blog for almost a year now and praying for her and her family. I listened to Prentice preach tonight on intercessory prayer via podcast. Wow! I needed that. I pray for you all right now... God's will, grace and comfort, clarity as decisions regarding care are being made. El Roi- the God who sees me sees you all right now. May He keep you in His Peace.

Anonymous said...

Prentice is my hero. God has heard our prayers. God is in control. I need him to live and I know that makes me very selfish, because God may need him more.

jenniferbigham said...

As a Christian and an ICU nurse helping take care of Prentice, I have been so blessed. This family exemplifies great faith in the Lord. They have been singing hymns of praise while surrounding Prentice which has brought tears to my eyes. May the Lord bless Prentice and his family.

Anonymous said...

Only God could have know the true impact that Prentice's sermon on intercessory prayer (October 26) would have on Prentice's life just a few weeks later. The Lord responded to Moses by saying "I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know your name." May God respond to our prayers as we intercede on Prentice's behalf. I love you much and pray for God's will to be done. Wesley Lawhorn

Anonymous said...

Prentice and Barbara,
Please know that we are in prayer for you both. You both have been an inspiration to our family from the day that you arrived at Prestoncrest. The power of Jesus shines brightly in you and the power of his words has lighten our hearts. I know that Jesus is working on Prentice to heal his body because his work on Earth is not done. You and your family are in out hearts, Tina and Ricky Rozelle

Tim Perkins said...

To the Meador family: I'm a Metroplex resident who has heard Prentice speak many times and he always moved my heart. I am praying fervently.

Tim Perkins

Anonymous said...

Love and prayers for the Meador and Richardson families from Springfield MO

Barb Penn
Jim & Jackie Farrell
Bob & Gloria Taylor

Anonymous said...

Dear, sweet Prentice and Barbara. May the Lord bless you and keep you!! I know He is wrapping his arms around you through your family and friends that are there with you. There hasn't been an hour go by since I heard about Prentice, that I haven't thought about your family, and each time, I stop and pray for healing and peace. I have tried to visualize ALL the prayers going up to God on behalf of your family, and it seems that God may even be having a difficult time keeping up!! Of course, we know that he is hearing each and ever prayer. I told Russ, I wish we could just give Barbara a hug! So Barbara, I hope you are feeling my hug to you right now- XOXO!! Prentice, you hang in there, and fight, fight, fight!!! As I know you are, embrace God's magnificent love through this storm, and he will bring you through.
In Him, Teresa Renfro

Matt and Kristen Mazza said...

Dearest Prentice and Barbara,
We are lifting you up in our constant prayers! I hope you can feel our hugs and know that even though we're not there with you physically please know that we are there with you in spirit. We will continue to praise him in this storm! We love you, Matt and Kristen

George Goldman said...

My family and I are praying hard for Prentice. We and several Lipscomb Bible faculty are just getting back from a conference in Boston, and many professors from sister schools are praying as well. I'm encouraged to hear that Prentice has been responding some. He is a fighter, and his faith has been an inspiration to so many. May God bring healing, and soon!
George and Wendy Goldman

Cheryl Russell said...

We are lifting Prentice up in prayer. May the peace, strength, hope, and love of Christ sustain you all during this time. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Dear Prentice and Barbara and family,

Oh my gosh! I don’t know what to say. How sudden and unexpected. My heart goes out to you all and I pray that if this is his time that he finish strong (as I know he will), that God be glorified thru him and his family, that others may see the difference and be lead to Christ thru this trial. I know that is what Prentice would want and I also hope for myself one day. I know that the Lord is in control and will do what is best both for all of you and his kingdom which Prentice has served so faithfully. However, I can’t imagine that this is his time. I want to see his smile and hear him laugh again. I long to hear him preach and witness his convicting teaching one more time. I feel confident that there are many more souls that Prentice could be used to save and so many Christians whose beliefs could be strengthen by his zeal and love for the word of God. Therefore I call on the power of Jesus Christ to heal Prentice and send Satan and any of his demons that may be a part of this back to hell where they belong. I hope and pray that all this be just one more trial that strengthens the resolve and faith of you and yours. I pray that all this be just one more great testimony to lead others to Christ and that he restore your family to the prosperity of Job because of your faithfulness. I long to reach across the miles to you, Barbara and give you a long, comforting hug and share in your sorrow. In God I place my hope and confidence. I leave you with all my love and assurance that you are in my prayers.

Paul & Marilyn Hanslik

Lawbam said...

We are in constant prayer. It was so amazing today to listen to online sermons where God was teaching me about intercessory prayer through Prentice while praying those prayers for you and the whole family. I know God will come through. He always does.

God bring your healing now. Heal this mighty warrior in your will.

Even Baby Noah is praying for Prentice. We love you.

Adam McGough

Anonymous said...

You are on our hearts and in our prayers. God is capable of anything!

Anonymous said...

We are praying with you all.
Much love, Shane and Lori Holland and family

jblawless1 said...

All I can say is," WHAT A GUY!" He is with some of those who are the very dearest to me. I am happy for Prentice since he is in the Kingdom, but sad that he could not continue his outreach.
He is amoung the great cloud of witnesses.
Jim and Betty Lawless