Monday, November 24, 2008

November 24, Monday, 10:00 p.m.

Today has been a hard day.  But even in the midst of the uncertainty, the blessings continue to be poured onto us.  Palmer came through her procedure and now has that behind her -- praise God!  Kimberly's husband Doug and kids arrived safely so we're all here -- praise God!  Lipscomb faculty, staff, and students gathered in the chapel to sing, pray, and read scripture over speakerphone in Prentice's ear for an hour -- praise God!  In 24 hours, there were almost 10,000 hits on Prentice's blog (very impressive to his grandchildren!;) showing us how much he is loved -- praise God!  We continue to be completely amazed by the love showered on all of us by way of prayer, food, visits, etc.:  a true testament to what God intended the church to be.  Our kids are seeing something we could never have adequately explained -- praise God!

Although medical science is not giving us a lot of hope right now, because we rest in the risen Savior, Jesus Christ, we are choosing to hope!

What to pray:  Pray for complete healing of Prentice's body.  Pray for an uneventful and restful night for Prentice, Barbara, and our family.  Pray for pain management for Palmer as she's hurting quite a bit right now.  Pray for peace that passes all understanding.

We have been honored today to spend a lot of time with Prentice aka Poppy.  Barbara, his sister Linda, and all of us kids have prayed, sung, read scripture, talked, and laughed at his bedside, holding his hand all the while.  What a privilege to serve him in this way!

Tonight, we are resting in the arms of the Great Physician.

The Meador Family

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Brooke said...

During the Christmas season of 2006, Prentice preached on how God "works in the mess." He spent some time reminding us of the circumstances surrounding Christ's birth. He pointed out how it was difficult specifically on Mary, Joseph, and Christ himself. Prentice then passionately told us.."Don't you see? God works in the mess!" God used Prentice that day to tell me what I desperately needed to hear the week after learning my sister had an aggressive form of cancer.

So, now, I am using Prentice's own words to plead with God to "work in this mess." May God surround Prentice and Palmer in His healing and tender arms. I am praying for comfort, strength, and that peace that passes all understanding for your entire family.

Anonymous said...

I have been where you are, in the hallway of an icu praying all night while my dad fought for his life. We received a miracle after the staff gave him 10% chance to survive. Just know that prayers will not cease for your family and you are truly a testiment to the medical staff and other families there also.
I attended Prestoncrest while living in Dallas and Prentice is a very special person indeed!
Kelli, Stillwater Church of Christ

Alice said...

Lord, let Your Light, light from Your face, shine on us
That we may be saved
That we may have light
To find our way in the darkest night---
Let Your Light shine on us.

Anonymous said...

I am a member at Prestoncrest in Dallas, and when I first moved to Dallas, I attended there with a friend and immediately felt at home because of the warm and welcoming spirit of the church, led by Prentice's example. Prentice's sermons are spiritually powerful, but they are also moving and personal and compassionate, which was a nice change from the sermons I grew up hearing in the church. He also has an amazing ability to capture your attention and challenge your mind as well as your heart, as he always weaves a bit of a history lesson into his sermons. I was very upset to hear that he is so ill, and I have been praying for him and his recovery, as well as for your family as you all deal with these difficult times. I have been following Palmer's journey as well on her blog as she has struggled with leukemia, and I am absolutely amazed at the strength and faith of your entire family through times that would try anyone's soul. I hope that you feel some comfort knowing that many people whom you haven't even met have been touched by both Prentice and Palmer, and that we are all praying very hard for both of them to make a full recovery. I will continue to lift all of you up in my prayers.
Christy Lee

Anonymous said...

We began praying for Prentice
as soon as we heard. Then all night long, we kept waking up praying for
him. We have prayed for him off and on all day today as well and will
continue praying for Prentice and your entire family. We know we am just
two of many.

Even though we haven't seen any of you for years, we still love you and hold
your precious family in such high esteem. We rejoice with you that Palmer's
surgery was successful and we'll continuing praying for her too. You all
are such inspirations to us.

With Christian Love,

John & Donna Brown, San Diego, CA
(Soncee and Dr. John's parents)

Anonymous said...

Mildred and I (Mac Rochelle) want you to know that we have known and loved Prentice from the time he lived on Wildwood Avenue and his father, Prentice called him "Little 'Un" instead of plain Jr. We join with thousands of others in earnest prayer for Prentice, for Barbara, for his children and grandchildren and for Linda. We pray, Come on Prentice, you can pull through with the help of God and with a the prayers of so many, including those who do not know you personally, but do know of your good works for the church of Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Thank you for your Blog. We send our love to the Meador family and we offer support and assistance in any way possible.

Mac and Mildred Rochelle

Anonymous said...

Please let Barbara and Prentice know that they are in our prayers and our thoughts continuously. Mona and Jim McClure

Anonymous said...

Our hearts are with all of you. We send our love and are praying for Prentice and your precious family. We know that our LORD is more than able to provide for every need that you have. We are praying... and believing. May God bless each one of you and give you His peace and may His goodness and faithfulness cover you all. We place all of this under The Blood.
Our love to you,
Barry and Diane

Ann Stewart said...

Barry and I and our entire family have been praying for Palmer from day one and still do. We're so grateful for her progress. Now we are praying earnestly for complete healing for Prentice and peace, hope and confidence for Barbara and the entire family. I now that God is holding you all in His arms and is watching over you all and loving you. We continue to hope and pray!

Anonymous said...

Prentice, you ministered to me in such a meaningful way when I was battling a life threatening illness...and now I feel so inadequate in responding to you. You have been my spiritual mentor for many years...and your words have touched my life in countless ways...and influenced the Bible studies that Linda & I have had with so many searchers.

Prentice, you are a great warrior in God's army, and I know that God is proud of you. So we hold you up in prayer and ask God to intervene and raise you up to contine the good fight.

Thank you for shining the real Light into my life...

You are truly me...and countless others.

Don Barnett

Anonymous said...

God hears the prayers of His children. I want you to know that Tyler came to me tonight and asked me if he could say a prayer for Prentice. In his very broken, often unintelligible speech, he prayed the most heartfelt prayer for God to be with Prentice and to make him well, and to be with the nurses that are with him and for God to be with Barbara. He also prayed for Palmer, as he does with every one of his prayers. And when he was finished, he told me that Prentice would be okay because he asked God to make him better. Blessed are the honest thoughts and prayers of a child.

“Heavenly Father, we come to You as Your children. We know there are things we cannot control and things we do not understand. Into Your hands we place our wants, our needs, desires, our fears, our worries, and trust that You will provide. In the name of Your Son, Christ Jesus, who told us to have the faith of a child and to trust in Your name, Amen.”
My love to all of the Meador family – Sherry Jackson

Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara and the Meador Family,
Please know that Max and I have been praying for Prentice, Barbara, and each of you since Barbara Cooper called us at 3a.m. Saturday morning.
We are continuously praying for Prentice's full recovery--for God's healing hands to strengthen Prentice's heart, to heal his organs, and defeat the infection.
We are pray for strength and comfort for Barbara. You both are so special to us, have been such a blessing toour lives, and we love you both so much.
Even thought we are not at your side physically--we are with you in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers.
Please know that so many friends that you know and those that you don't even know are praying for Prentice's recovery and for the Meador family.
We love you and lift your name to God.

Max and Lynn Chennault

Anonymous said...

It is my privilege to arise in the watches of the night and to lift Prentice to the father. I am praying that our God of all love and comfort is sustaining Prentice and Palmer through this night and that only refreshment awaits them both in the morning. I am pleading with Him to restore health to this dear family. May his blessing fall on you all.

Instituto Familiar said...

OK Prentice, You have our attention now! Next time choose something less dramatic. How can you "Code" twice in two days? I remember you and I running around "White Rock", I had on three layers of wool, cotton and gortex and you in your t-shirt and shorts. What a man! What a heart. I will never forget one of your times in Brasilia when, you, Buddy and I snuck out each night, like three over-grown teenagers, after putting the elders to bed, and having the time of our lives! And then we go back to the Car Wash and praying for our dedicated workers in Belize! I felt cheated that some unknown missionaries were feeling spiritual power when it should have been directed at us in Brazil. Well, every time I think of you it is with a smile- of laughter, gratitude and delight. You and Palmer are being offered up every few minutes from Brazil as we remember you and the entire Meador tribe. I know you are going to recover from this cause I need to start fund-raising more in the Nashville area! :)Also, our plan is for you to preach at our funeral so know you are going to pull through. If for nothing else to be able to grab me around the neck and get back at me for these comments. We relish how you guys have been family for Kris, Angela and us. Your unconditional love has marked us for life. We could not have done this ministry for 30 years in Brazil had it not been for your amazing friendship. Consider yourselves multiplied!

Many blessings,

Jerry and Gail

Chris said...

To all of the Meador Family:
I am a member at Otter Creek. I have only met your father once but I have sat in awe for weeks as God has poured his wisdom and love all over our church through him. Your husband/father has challenged the ways that I think and love. There is something very rare and immensely beautiful when you encounter a man like yours. He is so close to God that just being in his presence draws you to the Lord.
Thank you for sharing him with us.

This is my prayer for Prentice today: "Lord I do not begin to know your ways, nor do I have the ability to comprehend your majesty, But I beg of you, Lord, if there is any way on heaven or on earth that you can leave this Warrior with us for longer, that you will."

Chris French - Nashville, TN.

Anonymous said...

I have tried to post so many times. Thanks, Shelli, for providing this avenue for me to convey my deep love and prayers for you ,Mark,and all of your Meador family. I want you to especially convey our love to Barbara. We love you all so much as we have shared so many of life's joys and yes, some sorrows along the way. I am honored that the Lord gave me a nudge this morning to arise and pray for all of you. I am still praying for healing for dear Prentice. He is, and always will be, such a vital presence in our lives. I am so thankful for the influence he has been on our "shared" Meador grandchildren. I think Hayden was probably the one that gave him the name "Poppy" and that is my favorite way to think of him. This is what is being laid upon my heart this morning: Prayer --Prentice--Palmer--Praise--Perseverence--Peace. Judy Miller

Anonymous said...

Dear Prentice and Barbara, I believe with all my heart that God is watching over you with great care. I pray that He provides an extra measure of spiritual and physical strength. I hope you feel the power of prayer coming from SO MANY people who love you. God bless you today and always.
Your friend and sister in Christ, Tricia Dears, Dallas, TX.

Joe & Lee Jansen said...

Thank you for your blog to allow us to keep updated and know what to pray for.

Prentice performed our marriage ceremony over 15 years ago. While concentrating so hard on not messing up my vows, I continued to repeat after Prentice when he said, "It is my personal privilege.....(to introduce Mr. & Mrs....) Luckily he stopped me at, "It's my personal privilege".

Two weeks ago, while baptizing my oldest daughter, my husband used the same words to lighten up my daughter and said, "It's my personal privilege...". We snickered at the memory. Prentice you were with us bringing in a new child to Christ.

Prentice leaves a lasting legacy. May you find comfort in knowing as you said, "This is the moment he has been waiting for." May God be with your family.

Joe and Lee Jansen, Lewisville, Tx.

Anonymous said...

Prentice is very special among Croatian Christians. His two visits, right after the war, left great impact on many, especially refugees. He is a great lecturer, compassionate listener and just - fun to be around. Prentice, we are on our knees in your behalf, and we want you to read this with your dear Barbara, and laugh! Victory is yours!
Love, in Christ,
Mladen and Dragica Jovanovic

Anonymous said...

I do hope you can tell Prentice this--I worked for him when he was preaching in the valley in Calif. at the church. I taught Lori and guess she was about 2 or so. He and Barbara wrote us a letter when we lost Pam with breast cancer and she died in 1988. In 2006, I had my 5th stent put in the back of my heart and within an hour I had a blood clot, heart attack, blood pressure went down, my lungs filled with fluid and they told Lou (our other daughter) that I probably would not live through the night (also was on the respirator) But there were prayers from all the churches in this area and churches where we had worshipped before. I know that Prentice know God will take care of him as he does answers prayers. We were at Scott and White in Temple TX and they could not believe that in approximately 2 weeks I left to come home. God has a purpose for us when he answers us and I know he has plans for Prentice. We are in Mineola, Tx close to our daughter and family. Our grand daughter is Chelsea Jacobs in Dallas. Barbara I know how hard this is on you and the kids, but God will help you through. We love you each. Jane and Bob Clemmons

Anonymous said...

It is an honor to pray for Prentice. He was my preacher at Preston Crest from 2001 - 2004 and God touched my life through Prentice each week.

With Him,

Craig Adams

Anonymous said...

For Prentice and each caregiver, for Barbara and the Meadors family, please know that the Dillman family is -- and has been -- with each of you in prayer. We pray that the Great Physician will given each caregiver insight, knowledge and wisdom necessary to meet each challenge. May God's healing hand restore Prentice's health and sustain his spirit. May His comfort and the peace that comes only from Him be with each of those that surround Prentice with love, concern, constant petitions to the Loving Father, and in song.

We celebrate with each of you Palmer's successful surgery.

I'm in Austin tonight and will making a turn-around trip to Washington tomorrow. My plan is to stop in Nashville tomorrow afternoon long enough to visit the hospital in the hope that I can deliver this message and hugs to Barbara and each of you in person.

George Dillman

Anonymous said...

Mark Meador is a friend of mine. We share the same love of
autographs. Mark and I talked not long ago and he was going to return
my call. These events came to my attention hours upon them happening
from Abilene Texas to Colorado Springs where I now live. As a former
member of Prestoncrest and a huge fan of Prentice I learned the news
of the events shortly after they happened. All of us Christians know
our lives are after this life on earth but when family members of the
same faith who obtained this knowledge in part from our peers, family
members who suffers we all suffer. I recall calling Prentice on a
Wednesday years ago before my move to Colorado to let him know how
much his sermon the previous Sunday meant to me. It was a life
changer. He was humble, kind and nice in thanking me. From that
point forward my goal was to live like Christ with Prentice as my
modern day example since in Christ's times they didn't have the
diversions of the Dallas Cowboys, Internet, etc. Perhaps this could
be interpreted wrongly but he was my role model than and now.

I pray, pray, and pray that God will give Prentice back to his family
in full health so he can be a further miraculous example of prayer in
his life for nobody better can deliver such a story of recovery
through prayer than Prentice Meador himself! If Satan is successful
in this not happening or perhaps Gods will is unlike our wishes than
Heaven is better and earth worse off but I dont want to go there at
all. I also believe in the power of prayer and am waiting for that
special miracle for him to show how much he is alive today in 2008. I
know he is and pray and expect a miracle in this situation for only
Prentice can share such for all ages to understand. A perfect
candidate to receive such a life experience although I understand it
is wanted for all of us who care so much for him.

Tell Mark to call me. I wish I were there and want the family to know
I am there in heart, mind and prayer. Praise the Lord for bringing
our attention to this matter and pray and praise him further for a
full recovery so Prentice can share this incredible story to the
world, like only he can, of God's answer to prayer not only in the
lives he has talked about but also in his very own today. Nobody, not
even satan himself could deny such truth.

Praise the Lord for Prentice, and all those who believe like he does
in Jesus Christ and the power of prayer. I pray for a complete
recovery so we may learn more from Prentice. Your family is handling
this difficult moment so gracefully and this strength, although
difficult is reaching many. Barbara, I didnt know you like Prentice
but I respected you from day one. Stay strong, stay prayful and full
of dignity for God see's all although we only see him through our
faith in him.

I pray, pray and pray again that this difficult moment can again touch
thousands of lives like Prentice has already done many times including
my own.

If Mark can Id love to hear from him. I can be reached at (972) 896-7742.

Know all of you my praise and prayers to God are for Prentice coming
through all of this so he can further share his love, messages,
interpretations and best of all life examples of the power of prayer.

My very best in prayer to all of you in this difficult moment, Praise
God for Prentice and I pray God knows how much his messages are needed
and please God allow Prentice to share this real life miracle as it
unfolds to ten thousand plus of us to hear his own first hand account.
His stories of double knee replacement surgery were inspiring,
please God allow this miracle to be shared as only he can share. This
could be Prentice's greatest sermon ever so please allow him to
deliver it to us that follow this!!!!!!!! A great man still needed
here on earth, selfishly.

On a side note. I was told of this news along with the news that my
niece won state in volleyball. Upon hearing this I asked for more
info on Prentice not giving a rip about the state championships. Some
things are cool, other things matter and now is the time for serious
deep thought prayer so a great one can continue sharing the message of
hope, life, peace and faith in God.

To Mark and family- Mark call me buddy. All of you are showing all
of us how to handle difficult times. God be with you and heal
Prentice. Give him back for he is needed. I pray with you and
believe God will do this. I truly believe this but I also understand
this isnt our life, but instead in heaven. God heal Prentice please!

Todd Mueller

Anonymous said...

Meador Family:

I've heard Prentice speak a number of times, but I've never known the family personally. The good he and Barbara have done has been a blessing to God's people on earth, and we are thankful for them.

I have known Palmer's other grandparents for many years...Andee and Morgan were some of the first people I met when my family moved to Searcy and I entered Harding Academy. We're thankful Palmer's procedure went well.

Our prayers are with all of you...sitting by a's hard. God bless you.

Deanna Brooks

Anonymous said...

Hello Barbara-

John, Jillian, and I are praying for Prentice's recovery and for the family's peace. We love y'all so much! You and Prentice have meant so much in our lives and contributed greatly to our growth in Christ Jesus! I also wanted to encourage you to consider James 5:14-15a which says, "Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well..."

We employ this here at our church in North Carolina and we have seen it work personally in our lives.
We will continue to pray for Prentice's healing and Palmer's as well.

God bless you and your family!
John, Kim & Jillian Campbell

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am praying and hoping for the best. Tell everyone I love them.

Your cousin Steve...

Steve Morrell
Keane, Inc.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blog! We are monitoring Prentice's progress each day, and this morning prayed that our Heavenly Father will indeed shower the peace that passeth all understanding on all the Meador family, and especially Barbara, Prentice and Palmer.

All at the Glenwood church in Tyler, Texas, are praying for Prentice to pull through this. Having worked for him for over two years, I know how headstrong he can be. And I know how very devoted he is to his family and friends. Keep fighting, Prentice! (I praise God that Prentice kept himself in good shape; I know he's trying very hard to make it.)

Love in Him,
Jean and Jim O'Toole